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  • Francoise Brougher

    Francoise Brougher

    Former Pinterest COO and Executive at Square and Google. French American, from Marseille to the Bay Area. Mom of Three

  • Eran Shir

    Eran Shir

    Founder of Nexar - Making Driving Sane

  • Bruno Fernandez-Ruiz

    Bruno Fernandez-Ruiz

    Co-Founder and CTO at Nexar, programming language junkie and 0xCAFED00D



    Solving the unsolvable with deep learning. Revolutionizing analytics. Breaking down barriers. Learn more about where AI is creating real impact today.

  • Marko Cotra

    Marko Cotra

    Engineer with a passion for probability theory, software development and leadership. Currently working as Team Lead @ Annotell in Gothenburg, Sweden.

  • Yan-David Erlich

    Yan-David Erlich

    GP @ Coatue. Investor @weights_biases @ImpiraHQ @InfinitusAI @finexploration @abacusai . 4x Founder/CEO incl @ParsableHQ . Angel @thumbtack @masterclass

  • Rick Klau

    Rick Klau

    Husband. Dad of 3. Working on what’s next. Previously: 13+ years @Google ( @GVteam @YouTube @Blogger ).

  • Michael Bronstein

    Michael Bronstein

    Professor @imperialcollege, Head of Graph ML Research @Twitter, ML Lead @ProjectCETI. Researcher, teacher, entrepreneur

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